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Fire - Clay Bricks (Bata Tahan Api)

Fire - Clay Bricks (Bata Tahan Api)

Update Terakhir 30 / 05 / 2024
Minimal Pembelian 1 Unit


Rp. 123

Detail Fire - Clay Bricks (Bata Tahan Api)

Bata Tahan Api
Fire-Clay Bricks TFB SK-34
Features and uses:
Because of its high refractoriness, fire-clay bricks are widely used in blast furnace, hot-air furnace, heating, furnace, lime kiln, rotary kiln, glass smelting furnace, ceramicses and refractory calcining kiln.

HA-3 SK-36 :It features low creep an excellent thermal shock stability with the main mineral component of mullite, widely used in linings, roof partition, generator chamber of various hot blast stoves. Blast pipe and assembly bricks are available to costumers.

HA-1 SK-38: They features excelent high temperature mechanics dan chemical corrosion resistance to acid and basic solution. Suiting to metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, war industri etc.